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BlueSoleil 2.3 كامل بالكرك للاتصال باى شئ بالبلوتوث عن طريق جهازك

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BlueSoleil 2.3 كامل بالكرك للاتصال باى شئ بالبلوتوث عن طريق جهازك

مُساهمة من طرف Darsh Basha في الأحد 17 فبراير - 2:26

متطلبات التشغيل

* CPU: 600MHz or above

* RAM: 128M or above

* Screen: 800*600 or above

* Display: Adapter True Color 16bits or above

* OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP

Add support for Hands-free profile (BlueSoleil acts as Hands-Free AG).

Automatically connect the default Hands-free/Headset device when dialing from PC.

Data transfer mechanism is optimized and data transfer performance is improved.

Optimize role management and improve the performance for connecting to multi-devices simultaneously.

Installation takes shorter time and reboot is not required after installation (thought in some cases reboot is still required).

Stability of Blueooth start/stop process is improved.

Add AVRCP support for foobar2000 v0.9 RC, Media Player Classic

Bug fix: AV sound quality is bad if AV is connected after HID (AV and HID locate on separate devices).

Bug fix: For some headsets, blue screen occurs after BlueSoleil
connects high quality audio service and mono-channel Headset service.
Bug fix: FTP server folder cannot be deleted after FTP transfers files to server and disconnects.

Bug fix: BlueSoleil cannot set up OPP connection with some new hand-phones.

Bug fix: PC suite does not work with BlueSoleil after switching user under XP OS.

The following significant changes have been made to BlueSoleil 2.1.3 VoIP since it is build 2.1.2 VoIP:

Automatically show ever-connected devices on UI after BlueSoleil starts.

Bug fix: DUN fails on windows 2000 OS.

Bug fix: BlueSoleil does not support Nokia new phones (e.g. N series).

Bug fix: For some Bluetooth devices, BlueSoleil still runs in evaluation mode after registering a license key.

Bug fix: PAN cannot find physical network cards on some machines.

Bug fix: "End program -IVT Corporation..." dialog is shown when the system is being shut down.

Bug fix: BlueSoleil cannot run when there is no taskbar.

Bug fix: When "Welcome to Bluetooth" is shown at the first run, BlueSoleil behaves abnormally after standby/resume the system.

Bug fix: When PC suite 6.7 is installed and BlueSoleil is not set
to auto-run on startup, more than one instance of BlueSoleil can run at
the same time.
Bug fix: On media center OS, if there are too many com ports, LAP does not work.

The following significant changes have been made to BlueSoleil 2.1.2 VoIP since it is build 2.0 VoIP:

Support online purchase of new versions of BlueSoleil.

X64 fully support

Disable Bluelog support to improve EDR performance.

PAN stability is bigly improved.

The speed of virtual network card is changed to 3M.

Remove support for Windows 98SE, Windows ME

Bug fix: FTP server interoperability issue with LG new type of mobile phone

Bug fix: Some applications sometimes hang when trying to use virtual COM port.

Bug fix: Every time after a Bluetooth device is plugged, new version-check dialog pops up.

Bug fix: The IVT and above version (include ver.2.0) crash
in some PC/notebook. The PC will crash and show the blue screen when
BlueSoleil start.
Bug fix: After BlueSoleil was installed, click “my device service”->property—>computer shut down or blue screen.

Bug fix: Sometimes, it takes a very long time for an HID device to connect back with BlueSoleil.

Bug fix: Switch account a to account b, and then a remote
BlueSoleil transfer a file to account b via FTP, but the file was
transferred to the folder of bluetooth share which is in the account a.

Bug fix: iPAQ A2DP source can not connect with BlueSoleil AV sink.

Bug fix: If there is no physical sound card installed, Listening
music with a stereo headset, and then a skype incoming call comes in.
No sound can be heard from headset any more.
Bug fix: FTP share files sometimes can not be deleted in Remote Shared Folder dialog.

Bug fix: Remote BlueSoleil connect FTP to local BlueSoleil, local
BlueSoleil refused the request, and then local BlueSoleil connect FTP
to remote BlueSoleil, local BlueSoleil hang.
Bug fix: Reconnect HSAG from a headset service from BlueSoleil,
nothing could be heard at the first time. Reconnecting again will
resolve this problem.
Bug fix: Headset connected HS to the BlueSoleil, and then stand
by the PC. After BlueSoleil restart, headset reconnected, the audio
adapter didn't change to the Bluetooth SCO Audio.


rapidshare.com Bl ... olf2k5.rar

pass: nightwolf2k5
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رد: BlueSoleil 2.3 كامل بالكرك للاتصال باى شئ بالبلوتوث عن طريق جهازك

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